Education, as a tool to freedom, allows the human being to be fulfilled in an integral manner making his progress possible as well as that of the society in which he lives.


To contribute towards human development and poverty reduction, we developed systems and partnerships to improve the quality and coverage of education in large programs, called “flexible methodologies” and “educational and cultural environments”. These strategies create opportunities for the reconstruction of the social fabric through the acquisition of knowledge. Saberes: Early childhood education.


We contribute to the improvement of initial, basic and adult education, facilitating the processes of inclusion in the education and care system for the integral development of all population groups.

We contribute to reduce the over-age students, hoping that the students will remain in school until they finish their academic formation with quality and equity.


We contribute towards the reduction of overage students, hoping that students will remain in a quality and equitable educational environment for a longer period of time.


We encourage the development and transformation of the community mothers and transition teacher’s practices, strengthening the bonds between the family nucleus and the community, with the endowment and adaptation of the teaching/learning areas.


We assist in the development of cognitive, physical, social and emotional abilities of the disabled person and their families, enhancing their participation in the community, allowing them to achieve their own personal development with autonomy.



We provide communities with access to culture, information, knowledge, use and ownership of technology, favoring the permanence of children, adolescents and young people in the school system.

We increase the effective learning time of students, through the development of other learning environments that strengthen the cultural identity of the communities, the transmission of traditional knowledge and the development of general abilities.


We set-up and arrange technologically enriched cultural and learning environments to assist in the appropriation of Information and Communication Technologies - ICT of the educational processes.


We strengthen the optimal management of services and resources offered for the collection, storage and processing of data from the Library Network, through a system of registration of information associated with the library service.


Golazo is a social reconciliation strategy promoting initiatives within the communities around sports and community participation, with the development of children, adolescents and young people in social and sports skills.