The Foundation


For the Carvajal Foundation, the impact on public policy is one of its guiding principles and, therefore, its actions contribute to said impact, from three perspectives:

  • Legislative changes
  • Creation of programs
  • Modification of existing programs

The institution influenced the National Government legislation to create the National Plan for the Development of Microenterprises (NPDM), during the 1980´s, based on the Micro-enterprise Development Program (MICROS) implemented by the Carvajal Foundation.

Regarding the creation of programs, the Carvajal Foundation contributes to the well-being and development of the communities, putting its model of integral social intervention in motion. In this way, it participates in the development of the territory, as a private actor committed to the social development of the most vulnerable populations, through their different programs and initiatives.

As for the modification of existing programs, the Carvajal Foundation, with the development and various steps of the “Initial Education Knows” program, has made it important to the government entities, at a national level, to implement and adjust the attention on and the strengthening of early childhood education programs.