The Foundation

Integrated Quality Managment System


The Carvajal Foundation contributes towards the construction of a social fabric and the improvement of the quality of life of the most vulnerable communities with emphasis on Cali and Buenaventura through the use of the Integral Social Intervention Model described in the areas of income generation, education and culture with its different programs, among them: training for work and human development, adjusted to legal requirements, quality standards, needs of vulnerable populations and expectations of productive sectors, which allows students to improve their skills and opportunities to manage their own development in the medium term. The previous commitment is achieved by guaranteeing a healthy and supportive environment that allows for the development of human talent, continuous improvement processes within the management system, technological abilities and service culture oriented to satisfy the needs of the population served, its partners, sponsors as well as the productive sector.

We currently have the following certificates:


ISO 9001: 2015

Certificate for the Integral Social Intervention Process focused on improving the conditions of the quality of life in vulnerable populations.

NTC 5555: 2011

Certificate for the Design of Programs and Training Services for work accomplished in positions such as cooking assistants, processing and manufacturing of food and beverages.

NTC 5581: 2011

Certificate for the Training Programs for Assistant Work Technicians in the Production and Preparation of Dairy Derivatives.

NTC  5665: 2011

Certificate for the Training Programs for the Kitchen Technical Assistant.


Our Health and Social Security in Work Policy states that the Foundation contributes to the construction of social fabric and the improvement of the quality of life of vulnerable families inthe prioritized territories, through comprehensive social intervention, within the areas of Income generation, education and culture.

To achieve this, it permanently implements the Social Security and Health at Work Management System (SSHMS), ensuring that the human talent works within a healthy environment, improves the quality of life, increases motivation and productivity and prevents incidents, occupational accidents and diseases of psychosocial origin, public or mechanical among other risks derived from these activities.

Therefore, our health and safety at work process aims to identify hazards, evaluate and assess risks and establish the appropriate controls, through continuous improvement and compliance with current regulations that are applicable to the institution in matters of labor risks.

Today the Carvajal Foundation has organizations that support the development of S.S.H.M.S.

  • Labor Co-existence Committee
  • Joint Committee on Safety and Health at Work (Copasst)
  • Emergency Brigade