Alliance for the prevention of violence in children and adolescents

15 December, 2016



In Valle del Cauca, the Alliance for the Prevention of Violence is being consolidated, with the support of CISALVA – Universidad del Valle, the Mayor’s Office of Cali, the Governor´s office, the Colombian Institute of Family Welfare, TelePacifico, Corpolatin and the WWB, Scarpetta Gnecco and Carvajal Foundations, under the direction of Dr. Rodrigo Guerrero Velasco.


The purpose of this alliance is to design, implement and evaluate the COMBI strategy, Communications for Behavioral Impact, for the Prevention of Violence in Adolescents in Cali and the Valle del Cauca.


To begin the program, three (3) important events called “Let’s Talk about Preventing Violence”, took place, which dealt with the prevention of violence in early childhood, the role of public entities and the role of the media in this subject.At the same time, the process of educating new trainers began by using the methodology called ¨Parenting Skills¨, directed to professionals and Educational Agents of the city.   


Initially it will reach 13 comunas of Cali, which cover about 80 neighborhoods of the city and 8 municipalities of the Valle del Cauca, (Cartago, Guacarí, Palmira, Pradera, Florida, Candelaria, Yumbo and Buenaventura) by improving parenting skills, coexistence and contribute to the peaceful resolution of conflicts.


The starting point for the design of the strategy is the epidemiological research that recognizes the standards, attitudes and beliefs of the population faced by violence. From this characterization, the contents or fundamental messages that will be handled throughout the entire strategy will be established, which will be evaluated during the process and at the end of the intervention. Also, the strategy includes the development of the Parenting Skills Workshop, a methodology developed and tested by the Carvajal Foundation, for over 10 years, aimed at parents, family members, caregivers, Educational Agents, teachers and other interested members of the population that have the desire and will to integrate them into their new daily dynamics of parenting skills.


For the Carvajal Foundation and its partners, this project is extremely important, as it contributes significantly to building families and human beings at an emotional level.

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