Award for a whole life of entrepreneurship to Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra

5 December, 2016

Premio a toda una vida de emprendimiento


Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra, President of the Administrative Council of the Carvajal Foundation recently received the award for a lifetime of entrepreneurship, a tribute made annually by the consulting firm Ernst & Young and completing its third edition today.


The ninth edition of the Entrepreneur of the Year, Ernst & Young, was full of emotion and admirable stories that inspired the more than 200 attendees.


The other nominees and winners in each of the five categories of the program were:


  • Master Entrepreneur of the Year:
    • Winner: Georges Bougaud de Recamier. S.A.
    • Nominated: German Forero de PVC Gerfor, S.A.


  • Emerging Year Entrepreneur:
    • Winner: Oscar Ramirez de G & J Ferreterias, S.A.
    • Nominated: Carlos Lozano de Santa Reyes, S.A.


  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year:
    • Winner: Samuel Azout de Fútbol Con Corazón.
    • Nominees: Andrea Buenaventura, Ángela Gallo, Eleonora Barberena y Liliana Ocampo de Fundación Delirio.
    • Nominated: Catalina Escobar of the Juan Felipe Gomez Escobar Foundation.


The jury in charge of selecting the winners of the Master Entrepreneur of the Year category were: Eulalia Arboleda, formerly of the Caja Social Bank; Gigliola Aycardi and Nicolas Loaiza, Founders of Bodytech and Master Entrepreneurs of the Year 2014; Jose Manuel Restrepo, Director of the Universidad del Rosario; Lorenzo Garavito, President of Banca de Inversion Helm Bank; and Sonia Abisambra, ex-president of Fiducoldex.


The criteria to qualify for the program, which are determined at an international level, are the following: entrepreneurial spirit, financial performance, strategic direction, global impact, innovation and personal integrity.


Edgar Sanchez, President of Ernst & Young Colombia, said: “All our entrepreneurs took their dreams, worked hard and succeeded in making them successful; that is the purpose of the Entrepreneur of the Year: to recognize fascinating, admirable and unique stories of entrepreneurship that are at the forefront of world-class companies”.

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