Conclusion of the process for the development of teachers

5 December, 2016

Formación Docente


On November 23, the closing of the Teaching Training Process which began in 2014, was held at the Señor de los Milagros Corporation.


In the morning, the teachers of the Colegio Corporacion Señor de los Milagros, at the Vergel and El Retiro Headquarters presented their essays and final papers which compiled the experiences they had during their three years of training. In the afternoon, the presentation of the certificates of the Quality Seminar was held.


The Carvajal Foundation, as part of the Board of Directors of the Corporation, has been a permanent companion to this process. The closing ceremony was attended by the teaching community as well as some very special guests such as:


Mr. Servio Enrique Gamboa – Manager of the The Lord of Miracles Corporation, CSM.


Doctor Daniel Begoya – Leader of the Educational Quality Project for the Corporation and Doctor Fabio Jurado – Pedagogical Advisor for the educational project for the Educational Institution.


At that event, a special recognition was made to the Pedagogical and Teaching Advisor of the institution, attorney Pilar Valencia, for having written the article titled: “Why, where there is Light are there Shadows?” which was published in the magazine Ruta Maestra. The article includes part of her experiences as a teacher and the espousal of the pedagogical projects methodology within the classroom included in the IEP.

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