Twelve (12) trainees from the SENA fulfill their dream of becoming entrepreneurs

15 December, 2016



As an opportunity to practice and exhibit new opportunities, twelve (12) SENA trainees, who have been strudying dairy products, cooking and baking programs, within the framework of the SENA-Carvajal Foundation expansion of coverage program, have the opportunity to sell their products at the Business Samples areas, that is being offered at the kiosks of the Boulevard in Cali (in front of the Coltabaco building), as part of the parade of lights and seasonal illumination of the city of Cali.


These talented micro-entrepreneurs will delight the palates of all visitors during the month of December. This opportunity was made possible through the partnership of the SENA, the Mayor´s office in Cali and the Carvajal Foundation. 


In addition, and in support of the ¨Dulce Navidad¨ (Sweet Christmas) project supported by the Mayor´s office in Cali through the Secretary of the Government´s office (developed by Corfecali), a total of 130 micro-entrepreneurs, who were also trained by the Carvajal Foundation, will participate with their small business sales during the parade of lights and seasonal illumination of the city of Cali.
The training sessions are aimed at contributig to the implementation of good practices in the production, exhibition and sale of products. Most of the participants are food production specialists, especially in fast foods.

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