Knowledge Fair for participants from Hacia Allá Vamos, Buenaventura

16 enero, 2017



On December 6, 2016, 58 participants -including leaders in training, teachers and facilitators- from the project Hacia Allá Vamos met at the School Seminario Mayor in Buenaventura to take part of the Knowledge Fair.


Hacia Allá Vamos aims to develop management and democracy skills in 170 local leaders. The project’s implementation began in 2014 (and will run until 2017) with the support of Ford Foundation and Fundación Corona, in hopes of inspiring the community to actively participate in political and social change.


This project is part of Fundación Carvajal’s Program for Strengthening Leadership Skills at the individual and collective levels. The program provides opportunities for participation and facilitates community encounters that can encourage the creation of support networks and the identification of common initiatives, providing tools to handle a more democratic and proactive leadership.


As part of this program, the Foundation has also undertaken the project Working with Community Action Boards in Cali. Through this initiative, the Foundation worked with 39 community action board leaders in 2015, building 7 profiles for community projects and offering training courses on leadership.

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