Where We Are

Our territorial focus of social development is Colombia, in the departments of Valle del Cauca and the northern section of Cauca, with offices in the cities of Cali and Buenaventura and we scale the impact at national and international level with methodology transfer. Additionally, we promote economic and educational development in communities of Cali, Colombia, through three Community Service Centers.


Where We Operate the Programs

In the department of Valle del Cauca, we operate in the city of Cali, in the communes 13, 14, 15, 16, 18 and 21; in the Special District of Buenaventura, in the San Antonio citadel, residential expansion zone, port expansion zone and low sea zone; and in other municipalities, corregimientos and sidewalks. In the department of Cauca, we operate in towns and villages in the northern section, bordering Valle del Cauca.




Community Service


The Community Service Centers are spaces of basic services necessary for the development of communities. They have community rooms, recreation spaces, green areas, specialized public and private services to promote the economy, the market, training processes, organization and generation of opportunities.

These are found in three communes of Cali, Colombia: El Poblado, La Casona and El Vallado.

El Poblado

Calle 2b 2Oe #90-173



Cra 28F #72L-79

+57 (2) 554 2949

Cra 27 #103-71

La Casona


La Fundación Carvajal works until 2017.

El Vallado

Calle 48 #41C-49

+57 (2) 554 2949



of Methodologies

At the Carvajal Foundation we enhance and scale the social impact by exchanging knowledge of our model and programs, adapting it and appropriating them to various national and international territories, with the support of public, private and international institutions.


Business and Labor Training Services

    • Center for Productive Development • 
Food Handling Plants
Training Classrooms

Clothing Workshops

Flexible Workshops

 Community Basic Service Center Services


Educational and Cultural Services

Educational Centers - Community Libraries 

Reading Rooms

Computer Rooms
Care Rooms for People with Disabilities
Child Development Center •

Scout Room

Niche for Early Childhood

Community Services with Public and Private Offer

Financial •
Microcredit Bank
Low Cost Trade •
State / Mixed 

Registry, Notary and Chamber of Commerce

Information Centers



Administrative Office and Service Center

El Poblado Cra. 28F # 72L - 79 Barrio El Poblado
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia ​

PBX: +57 (2) 554 29 49