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We are committed to generating and strengthening sustainable business skills by adapting and incorporating new methodological strategies and content in our strengthening and acceleration programs in order to overcome the new challenges of the environment, in Cali and Buenaventura.
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Our calls

Individual business strengthening: Growth and Acceleration

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For enterprising businessmen, with intermittent businesses, created mostly out of necessity, that are below the break-even point. They do not have records, controls, or vision of their business.

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Management for
Small companies

For entrepreneurs with established businesses, who apply some administrative tools, have a vision for their company and recognize the need to improve their managerial skills.

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Based Methodology
in Business Actions

For entrepreneurs with businesses that have potential for development and differentiation in the market. They are willing to challenge themselves and implement rapid changes in their company to accelerate

its growth.


Portfolio of business services

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