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Ini. Desarrollo empresarial

Lines of Intervention

Support for Income Generation

Support, guide and train the population in conditions of vulnerability to develop sociobusiness and sociolaboral competencies, which promote the improvement in the income, individual and family of the population involved, to contribute to the development of their conditions and quality of life.

Apoyo generación de ingresos

Individual Business Strengthening: Growth and Acceleration

Support the process of strengthening the managerial competencies of entrepreneurs (at the individual - collective level), through comprehensive training strategies and accompaniment in the development of their business.



Management for Small Businesses

Micro MBA - Methodology Based on Business Actions

For enterprising entrepreneurs, with intermittent businesses, created mostly by necessity, that are below the breakeven point. They do not have records, controls, or vision of their business.

For entrepreneurs with established businesses, who apply some administrative tools, they have a vision in front of their company and recognize the need to improve their managerial skills.

For entrepreneurs with businesses that have potential for development and differentiation in the market. They are willing to challenge themselves and implement rapid changes in their company to accelerate their growth.

Fortalecimiento empresarial

Inclusive, Relevant and Sustainable Employability

Provide social, labor and technical tools that allow the person to appropriate and strengthen their skills based on performance in formal employment, through comprehensive training strategies and accompaniment in the process of linking and remaining in employment.

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