We are a non-profit institution, with the purpose of promoting the improvement of the quality of life of the most needed communities, in the prioritized territories of Cali and Buenaventura.



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The Carvajal Foundation School is the virtual training strategy of the Integral Social Intervention and of the Training Institute for Work and Human Development, which complements the face-to-face training so that the beneficiaries strengthen the acquired knowledge and approach ICTs, seeking the extension of coverage and the sharing of the knowledge of the Carvajal Foundation.


The Radio Station of the Carvajal Foundation was born in 1978 with the purpose of providing Vallecaucanos with a space for meeting culture and creating an audience that discovers unlimited pleasure in music.

Today, it is a platform for community interaction and participation that encourages conversations around education, culture and social development.

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Yoladi Riascos 

“I loved too much the program There We Go. Too much, too much, too much. At that time, I did not consider myself political, I only worked in the social, but I learned that politics was what I did, it is the art of sharing, it is the art of everything…”


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The Carvajal Family founded the Carvajal Organization in 1904 in the city of Cali, Colombia. The dream has evolved generation after generation, transforming the organization into a Multilatina of 6 companies, committed to the results and the quality of its different products, services and solutions with approximately 19,000 employees in 14 countries in America.

The Carvajal Foundation is the foundation of the Carvajal Family and the main shareholder of the Carvajal Organization.



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El Poblado Cra. 28F # 72L - 79 Barrio El Poblado
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia ​

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