Who We Are? 

We are a non-profit institution, with the purpose of promoting the improvement of the quality of life of the most needed communities, in the prioritized territories of Cali and Buenaventura.

How We Begin? 

In 1961, the Carvajal Family began different social programs, leading to the creation of the Carvajal Foundation in 1977.

The Carvajal Family delivers 23.5% of its assets, to guarantee the autonomy and sustainability of the Carvajal Foundation. It is a donation given in life and in perpetuity.

What Inspires Us

There cannot be a healthy company in a sick social environment, because sooner or later the ills of society have an impact on its performance. Therefore, the responsible entrepreneur must necessarily commit to the solution of social problems.

Manuel Carvajal Sinisterra, 1960 



The Carvajal Foundation is an organ of social justice and Christian charity and expression of the desire for solidarity of Colombians.


Pioneers in social responsibility, the Carvajal Foundation develops practical knowledge through interventions in Cali and Buenaventura, to enhance the development of human capital in the most vulnerable communities.

Our experience and knowledge are transferred and scaled through public policy joining forces with cooperators and allies.


Guiding Principles

- Mandate: Fully attend to the most vulnerable families.

- Education as a liberating tool.

- Empowerment: Involve people in solving their problems.

- Focus: Define territories and lines of action for intervention.
- Operating Foundation: Design and operate its own programs.
- Knowledge Management: Preserve the methodological heritage.
- Measurement: Validate the impact of the interventions.

- Influence on Public Policy.


- Respect
- Transparency

 - Equity

 - Honesty

- Social Commitment


Comprehensive Social Integration


Observation and Exploration


Approach and Trust Building


Socioeconomic Characterization


Social Development Strategy


Evaluation and Monitoring

Our Comprehensive Social Intervention is the methodological platform with which we act, accompany and intervene different social groups. Through this model we focus our efforts on identifying specific needs of the population served to jointly build ideas, develop strategies and empower their own development.


Historical Milestones


Superior Council

The Superior Council ensures the preservation and application of the inspiring principles of the Carvajal Foundation, ensuring the preservation of the legacy of its founders.

 Chairman of the Superior Council •

Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra

Vice President

Alberto Carvajal Cabal

Main Members 
Monseñor Darío De Jesús Monsalve Mejía

María del Rosario Carvajal Cabal
Gustavo Adolfo Carvajal Sinisterra
Jorge Hernando Carvajal Sinisterra

Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra

• First Substitute 

Diego Felipe Llano Carvajal

  María Paula Carvajal Vanegas

 Juan Martín Carvajal Leib
Manuel José Carvajal De Roux

• Second Substitute 

Alberto Carvajal Cabal

Amparo Carvajal Sinisterra
Beatriz Castro Carvajal

Alfonso Carvajal Valli

• Presidente del Consejo Superior •

Alfredo Carvajal Sinisterra

• Vicepresidente •

Alberto Carvajal Cabal

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors supports decision-making regarding the investment, strategy and management of the social development programs of the Carvajal Foundation.

Chairman of the Board of Directors 

Manuel José Carvajal De Roux.

Vice President •

Beatriz Castro Carvajal.

Members • 

Diego Felipe Llano Carvajal
Beatriz Eugenia Mejía Arango

Alfonso Carvajal Valli
Bruno Carvajal Libreros

Ana María Guerrero Carvajal

Padre José González
Manuel Ramiro Muñoz

Isabela Marín Carvajal

Executive Presidency


The Executive Presidency leads the strategy, investment and management of the Comprehensive Social Intervention of the Carvajal Foundation, guided by the guiding principles of its founders.

Executive Presidency of the Carvajal Foundation • 

María del Rosario Carvajal Cabal 

Directive Commitee

The Steering Committee manages and directs the daily operation of the Integral Social Intervention of the Carvajal Foundation.

Members • 

Mónica María Zapata Domínguez, Director of the Administrative and Financial Unit
Mario José González Mora, Director of the Business Development Unit
David Alejandro Gironza Rodríguez, Director of the Education and Culture Unit

 Amparo Sinisterra de Carvajal, Director of Carvajal Foundation’s Radio Station

Erika Johanna Acevedo Orduña, Head of Research and Development
Olga Lucía López Londoño, Head of Knowledge Management, Innovation and Communication
Astrid Ramírez Castaño, Head of Human Management
Alejandro Martínez Patiño, Head of Legal Management



Administrative Office and Service Center

El Poblado Cra. 28F # 72L - 79 Barrio El Poblado
Cali, Valle del Cauca, Colombia ​

PBX: +57 (2) 554 29 49